The Passion Profiler™, a groundbreaking online tool, assesses and identifies an individual’s life and work-related passions which are the outward manifestation of the deeper inner purpose which drives that individual. These quantifiable passions are expressed as 10 Passion Profile Archetypes that define a person’s overall approach to work and life – and how they can be best engaged within their organization.  Here is a sampling of the Passion Profile Archetypes:

  • The Builder: Creating a strong sense of urgency to deliver results, they’re the driving force of obtaining or expanding an organization’s presence on the market.
  • The Connector: With a strong desire to see both sides of an issue, they are born communicators, adept at negotiation and relationship building.
  • The Conceiver: These “intellectual acrobats” think outside the box, imagine new possibilities and contribute to innovation.
  • The Processor: The sustainers of structure, function and tradition, they create a framework for the organization by developing processes, analyzing information, and establishing and maintaining quality standards.
  • The Altruist: The humanitarians of the organization, they are on the lookout to raise your organization’s profit, while benefiting the world at large.

“The Passion Profiler is the most powerful tool for personal and professional development I have ever come across. The passion archetypes make sense on every level. Businesses and organizations that take advantage of this resource will develop their most valuable asset – their employees – and will, no doubt, become healthier and more productive.” - Vice President, Medical Education, Sanofi-Aventis

“Presenting the results of thousands of interviews and on- line tests that have led to the establishment of the ten archetypes would in itself be a considerable achievement of great academic and intellectual interest. Providing insight into how to manage the profile, its strengths and vulnerabilities and which pairings work well or badly together and under what circumstances makes this a management tool of true value.” - Managing Director, Merck

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